Elon Musk is now the Richest Person on Earth, and Most Powerful Person we can say that!

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX and many more companies is now the RICHEST PERSON ON EARTH!

Elon Musk Photo
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He surpassed Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) by having the net worth of more than $185 Billion.

🥳Congratulations to the MOST Powerful Man on Earth❤️ ELON MUSK👑

House For SALE with FREE WIFE, yes Owner will MARRY you if you buy without negotiating in Indonesia. READ FULL STORY

Attention Attention Attention A House for SALE in Indonesia with FREE WIFE! Yes MARRY its Owner!

In 2015, 40 year old Wina Lia, a widow Indonesian Woman wanted to marry as well as wanted to sell her lavish two-bedroom, two-bathroom, a fishpond, spacious backyard house for $76,500 in Sleman, Indonesia, so she created an advertisement stating “Buy the house and marry the owner at the same time.”

Also, its terms and conditions stated that “for serious buyers and non-negotiable.”
This advert made all the internet users crazy and gained huge popularity.
Received hundreds of calls and even police came to verify the news as they consider it as an improper advertisement. But she explained to them that it was not her idea it was dealers idea, and “marrying is not mandatory.”
As per Times website, later she found Redi Eko, a 46 year old(in 2015) man who accepted the deal!
He took the offer “Buy the House and Marry the Owner!”❤️
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Sunny Leone’s name MISCHIEVOUSLY appeared in the merit list of a College in Kolkata, SCORES will Surprise you!

Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone’s name appeared on top of the merit list of Ashutosh College, Kolkata.

Sunny Leone’s Instagram Post

Admission Merit List of Ashutosh College, Kolkata

Infact it appeared with a perfect score of 400 out of 400 marks in 12 grade.

College Officials said “It is an act of mischief as someone deliberately submitted a wrong application having typed Leone’s name. We have asked the admission department to correct it. We will also conduct an inquiry into the incident.”

While reacting to this Sunny Leone posted a tweet “See you all in college next semester!!! Hope your in my class 😉 😆😜”.

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Who is Binod? What is the hype about, And how powerful is he? Here’s what you DON’T KNOW!!

You might have seen everyone commenting “Binod” everywhere on all the Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you say and there’s Binod! But Why?

So all this started when Indian YouTubers “Slayy Point” uploaded a video named “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (Binod)“. And this went viral faster than you can Imagine.

Here’s what PayTm did!

PayTm changed their Official Twitter Account’s Name to Binod!

Wait, here’s what Mumbai Police did!

Official Twitter Account of Mumbai Police posted this tweet!
Also Binod was Trending on Twitter!

So this was Binod for you, I hope this cleared all your thoughts about What is binod in Social Media and Who is Binod!


Cat smuggling Drugs in Sri Lanka, arrested by Police wait there’s a HUGE Twist!

A Cat was detained by Sri Lankan Police, after they found the Cat smuggling 2 grams of heroin, SIM Cards, and a memory chip tied to the cat’s neck in a small plastic bag! But there’s a HUGE Twist!

Instagram Post By :- @its_factastic (IT’S FACTASTIC)

Few days later, the cat escaped the high security prison of Sri Lanka. Officials yet to give any statement!


FULL Story PRANK Gone WRONG, family ate WEED (GANJA) instead of methi (Fenugreek)

A man jokingly gave weed (ganja) claiming
it’s methi, in a village. After eating ganja
sabzi full family was hospitalized.

Instagram Post By :- @its_factastic (IT’S FACTASTIC)

FULL Story :- A man in Uttar Pradesh, India gave weed (ganja) claiming it’s methi (Fenugreek) to another man. Then, his sister-in-law cooked it and the family of 6 ate the sabzi. After eating, their health started deteriorating, so they asked their neighbour to call the doctor, later the family fainted and hospitalized by their neighbour. Police arrested the guilty man and seized ganja.
Savdhan Rahe Satark Rahe!


FULL Story of Fair and Lovely removing word the word “Fair” and related, New name decision by Hindustan Unilever

Since the protests against racism have started in the world, Hindustan Unilever announced today that they will stop using the word “Fair” from “Fair and Lovely“, (famous and a bit controversial personal care cream). Also, they will remove the words Fairness, Whitening, Lightening and all the related words from their brands.

Great decision taken by Hindustan Unilever!👍 New name is still in the process.

Instagram Post By :- @its_factastic (IT’S FACTASTIC)

Finally some good news in 2020! 😃

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FULL Story of Unique Green Glow on MARS’ atmosphere

Twitter :- @ESA_TGO

Scientists has detected unique green glow of Oxygen on the atmosphere of Mars by using NOMAD (Nadir and Occultation for MArs Discovery) instrument. This emission has been seen for the first time ever on a planet other than Earth! This was officially tweeted by twitter handle of Exomars Orbiter @ESA_TGO

After this news was published, netizens went crazy making memes and twitting humourous tweets!


FULL Story Man received Wrong Amazon Order of ₹19,000+ Bose Earbuds and Surf Excel

A man ordered body lotion worth ₹300 on
Amazon, instead he received Bose Earbuds
worth ₹19,000 and a pack of Surf Excel!

After he honestly told this to
Amazon Customer Support and they responded him to keep it, as the order
was non-returnable! Lucky Man!😃👍
What The Luck!🍀😂🤩


SHORT STORY Jasleen Bhalla the voice of CoronaVirus Caller Tune you need to know

Many of Indians feel annoying when they call someone just because of the caller tune regarding awareness of Coronavirus. I know sometimes it’s very annoying but it is very necessary for all!

She is Jasleen Bhalla a voice artist in India, and the voice behind the famous Coronavirus Caller Tune “Coronavirus se aaj poora desh lad raha hai, yaad rahe humain bimari se ladna hai, bimaar se nahi”, we hear everytime when we call.

Infact, during peak hours in Delhi metro, she is the voice guiding everyone about the doors! Thank You So Much!😊