What BBC did when they had No NEWS!

Once upon a time in 1930s, on the Good Friday, April 18, 1930 BBC had No NEWS! Ok, not talking like a fairy tale:| let’s talk seriously.

NEWS is one of the biggest market which has grew very fast i.e. once News used to be only heard on the radio and now we have news everywhere i.e. on the mobile phone, internet, tv’s, and on almost every means of communication.It is the business which gives in turn great profits and we all know how much news companies earn.Speaking today in the 21st century, as I mentioned above that news are everywhere so they earn way more than any other company or field, where advertisements are the main source of income. Ok getting back to BBC, “those who don’t know” BBC is a british public service broadcaster and BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, …Continue Reading

On the Good Friday, April 18, 1930, BBC had No NEWS and the BBC’s news announcer had nothing to communicate with audience so the news announcer announced that “There is no news” and played Piano music for straight 15 minutes!

When BBC had No News, they did this!
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Like me, you might have also wondered that “It is so great to see some weird content or some content other than news on the news channel” and some times I’ve seen weird things going on the News Channel it’s so funny while the strange things happen on the News Channel.

We have to say that the way BBC covered the “No News” situation by playing Piano music for 15 minutes was the best decision taken by them.

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