World Sudoku Championship & SIX SEXTILLION SIX HUNDRED……….Grids.Unknown Facts about Sudoku!!

Sudoku, one of the most popular game, that everyone has learnt at any stage of their life!Also, Sudoku is taught in schools, as it is related to Mathematics😀.

I still remember those days, when we used to play sudoku (which was printed behind almost every notebook) during those boring lectures!😝But, at that time we didn’t knew these facts; that everyone should know about!

Do You Know??

The first World Sudoku Championship was held in Lucca, Italy, between 10 March 2006 to 12 March 2006!

INSTAGRAM POST BY : - @facts_memes_quotes (IT'S FACTASTIC)
INSTAGRAM POST BY : – @facts_memes_quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

INSTAGRAM POST BY : – @facts_memes_quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

Also, the number of valid 9×9 Sudoku grids is 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 or in words (Six sextillion, six hundred seventy quintillion, nine hundred three quadrillion, seven hundred fifty-two trillion, twenty-one billion, seventy-two million, nine hundred thirty-six thousand, nine hundred sixty)!

Instagram Post By : - @facts_memes_quotes (IT'S FACTASTIC)
Instagram Post By : – @facts_memes_quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

So, now you know some unknown facts about your most favourite 😉 game that made our childhood awesome!

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