White Part Of Nail!


Humans as well as most of the Animals do have Nails!

Most of the people Bite their Nails😅all the time i.e. when they are having some tension, some of them even Bite their nails for fun😆.They’re also be coloured by Nail Polish by Girls💅!Most of the people have big and huge nails and also most of the people have very small and tiny nails!


Each and every human must have noticed that “What’s that white part in my nail?”, But never thought deeply about it!


Instagram Post By : - @facts_memes_quotes (IT'S FACTASTIC)

Instagram Post By : – @facts_memes_quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

The white coloured part (Half Moon Shaped) in your finger nails is called as “LUNULA”!

Yes, that’s Lunula!
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