Few Body Parts U Don’t know the Name of!

Today, you're gonna know, the Names of the body parts that you never knew!This will make you even think the importance of these body parts! 🙂You have saw it already, also you have thought about it, but you don't know the names of these body parts! 1. Lunula Instagram Post By :- @facts_memes_quotes (IT'S FACTASTIC) … Continue reading Few Body Parts U Don’t know the Name of!


White Part Of Nail!

Nails! Humans as well as most of the Animals do have Nails! Most of the people Bite their Nails😅all the time i.e. when they are having some tension, some of them even Bite their nails for fun😆.They're also be coloured by Nail Polish by Girls💅!Most of the people have big and huge nails and also … Continue reading White Part Of Nail!