Food served on miniature TOILETS! Toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan!

Modern Toilet Restaurant” is a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan, where food is served on miniature toilets, and people sit on miniature toilet seats!🚽

Food on miniature Toilet,toilet themed restaurant,modern toilet restaurant
Instagram Post By :- @facts_memes_quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

Instagram Post By :- @facts_memes _quotes (IT’S FACTASTIC)

Will you visit modern toilet restaurant?? COMMENT DOWN!!

I personally think that if you visit Taiwan 🇹🇼 you should definitely visit this restaurant, I will!😉 Because it’s interesting to see different cuisines served on miniature toilets🤯. Also, this restaurant has several branches in many countries and they are expanding their business, let’s see till when it comes to our country!

#toilet #toiletseat #toiletpaper #taiwan🇹🇼 #restaurant #toilettheme #moderntoiletrestaurant #itsfactastic

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