How EMOJIS changed the WORLD! – Difference Between Emoji and Emoticon

Emojis has highly changed our social media experience, without emojis our social media experience might not be that good! Day by day number of unique, funny, and different types of emojis are created and are been updated by social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Also, there are many new “Stickers” but I don’t think that many people use Stickers when compared with emojis, might be because emojis are too handy😉. Almost each and every criteria has been covered with emojis, i.e. face reactions, business, food, transportation, and many many many more…. But still if we see few days later we’ll get some different emojis that we might be missing!

Recently, there was a buzz and it’s still going around, of Emoji Game or Guess the Movie or Game or any other thing by using Emojis, it’s the best game to gain facebook, instagram or any social media platform’s engagements🙃. Also, Apple recently released 20 out of its 59 new emojis on our special day, World Emoji Day!

Lastly, I would like to mention is the Difference between Emoji and Emoticon!

Basically Emoji and Emoticon are not same, because almost everyone in this world, thinks that emoji and emoticon is the same but NO!

Emoticons are the typographic display of facial or any kind of other representation by using keyboard characters. For example, 🙂 this is an emoticon representing a smiley face.

Emojis are the actual pictures which are small in size that represent feelings or any other things, etc. For example, 🙂 this is an emoji representing a smiley face!

In short,

🙂 😦 😉 and more are Emoticons.

🙂☹️😉 and more are Emojis.

Comment Down your first 3 recently used Emojis😜 let’s see which emoji is your favourite and which is used mostly!😁 (Remembered 2nd paragraph of our post related to engagements 😉🙃!) Peace!

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