World’s DEEPEST Dive ever!(10,927m deep)

A retired Naval Officer, Victor Vescovo, has made the world record of the deepest dive ever made by a human in the submarine.His dive went around 10,927 metres deep, where he found plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. JUST IMAGINE, there's plastic waste deep down 10,927m in the ocean, we humans have did … Continue reading World’s DEEPEST Dive ever!(10,927m deep)


Safer Internet Day!

Internet is the most important in our daily life in this era! Firstly without water humans cannot survive, and secondly in this new era without internet humans cannot survivešŸ˜›!As almost everyone uses internet and share their data to the internet which is visible to everyone and everyone can do anything with that data, so here … Continue reading Safer Internet Day!