Few Body Parts U Don’t know the Name of!

Today, you’re gonna know, the Names of the body parts that you never knew!This will make you even think the importance of these body parts! 🙂You have saw it already, also you have thought about it, but you don’t know the names of these body parts!

1. Lunula


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The white coloured part (Half Moon Shaped) in your finger nails is called as the “Lunula”.In India, there are some superstitions that if you have Lunula then it’s not good; also if you have Lunula then you might be not an active person or you might be a lazy person! After all who knows what’s the truth?!

2. Philtrum

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This vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip is called as “Philtrum”.But do you know what’s the use of it or how it is formed? If you know then please comment and let us know!

3. Glabella

Glabella,eyebrows,face,face hair.

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The area between your eyebrows and above your nose is called as “Glabella”. This one also has superstitions in India that if your both eyebrows join together at Glabella then you’re the luckiest person.But who knows the truth?!

P.S. My both eyebrows join together at Glabella but I don’t think I am Lucky!😜

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